In today’s highly competitive globalised world, crises are a part of the life-cycle of a company. Successful companies have gained strength by successfully managing internal and external crises. Key to successful management is the early identification of economic and business crises and to react with decisive measures to contain negative impacts. However, this is hard to achieve in practice. Crises typically arise suddenly and unexpectedly: e.g. an important customer files for bankruptcy despite recent talks about new projects or a major project is delayed due to unforeseen statutory requirements.

If the measures taken by the management fail to be effective and the cycle of bad news continues, the company may not be able to deal with the intensifying crisis without external help.

A company in a critical crisis needs to provide investors and stakeholders a transparent realistic and fast overview on the situation. Investors are not only interested in the analysis of the current financial situation they need to understand the underlying reasons and want to see actions and measures to deal with the crisis of the business. Continue reading…

If investors feel sufficiently informed and not part of the process, there is a good chance that they will withdraw their support. Our standardised business quick check is the basis for the discussion of viable solutions with investors and financing partners thus developing first measures to secure the business and overcome the crisis.

The implementation of the BASEL III standard led to a serious constraint in the lending policy of commercial banks. Increasingly financial institutions require advice by an external party to assess the viability of presented business plans and concepts as a basis for their credit decisions. The plausibility check of business concepts and plans offered by perpuls does not only provide additional security to the financing partners, it goes along the internal evaluation of the company’s further development.

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Our long standing experience in consulting projects across all industries enables us to quickly comprehend and evaluate business concepts and plans. The perpuls business reviews create significant additional value for investors, creditors and especially for the managers of the business under review.

We are fully committed to the individual needs of financial institutions and clients. Our target is to reduce the information “asymmetry” between the company and its investors.

The first step in addressing a company in a financial crisis is to evaluate the forecast for a going concern study. This is a key management tool to avoid risks of personal liability for the executives and the board, particularly according to German law.

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An essential element of the going concern forecast is the evaluation of scenarios in an integrated short- and medium-term plan, starting with a thorough analysis of the actual situation. Our approach provides the management with additional security regarding the company’s possible further development in difficult circumstances and highlights necessary actions to manage the crisis.

Companies facing a crisis which threatens the future prospects often require an injection of fresh capital. Necessary funding can only be provided when all financial partners are pulling in the same direction. Consistent and accurate information by the management to shareholders and creditors is the basis for keeping them on board and to convince them to provide additional funding.

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Our corporate recovery plan follows the guidelines of the German Institution of Auditors (IDW S 6). perpuls offers a tailor-made report which reflects the individual requirements of the company and investors.

The analysis of the company’s history and the underlying reasons for the crisis as well as the resulting restructuring measures are essential parts of corporate recovery concept. An integrated business plan reflecting the restructuring measures and their planned effects highlights the funding needs and additional measures to resolve the crisis.

As soon as investors, creditors and stakeholders have agreed on the recovery plan the measures outlined in the plan should be implemented as soon as possible.

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Our team has proven, in many successful engagements, their special experience in the implementation of cost reduction programmes and the optimisation of production and manufacturing processes. Furthermore, perpuls offers expertise in implementing redundancy programs and negotiations of social plans. However, focusing on costs only may not lead to successful restructuring if the top-line is neglected and turnover declines. Our specialists for sales and marketing ensure that the recovery plan becomes a success story.

Managing a company during a crisis and a restructuring phase can be very challenging for the management. In addition to the demanding daily operations, management needs to pay all efforts to the implementation of the actions and measures of the recovery plan. All stakeholders, especially employees and customers, need to be made part of the recovery.

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Our experienced restructuring experts are looking forward to step into management positions and assist you and your company during difficult times as CFO (Chief Financial Officer) and CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer). Third party help has often shown to function as a trigger in restructuring and taking pressure off the management.

The dynamics of the global economy require constant change and transformation processes within companies. With introducing new businesses and concepts some of the existing processes or divisions may become obsolete. A professionally administered transformation process leads to an effective implementation of new strategies. We understand transition as the structured approach to a transformation of non-strategic operations and the adaption of the organization to the new strategic set-up.

Phase-out of Non-Core Activities and Liquidation of Legal Entities

The strategic restructuring of corporate groups often results in legal entities without future operational business. Most of these dormant legal entities remain within the organisation. In many cases especially abroad, the liquidation of legal entities is time intensive and is therefore often not actively pursued. However, keeping them within the portfolio leads to significant recurring administrative and financial burdens and unnecessarily complicates the corporate structure.

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perpuls is offering a complete off-balance sheet restructuring and liquidation of no longer operationally needed legal entities. For outphasing business activities, assets transfer or transferring customer contract, perpuls is the perfect partner.

We transfer your non-core companies to a special-purpose-vehicle (SPV) and manage the termination of businesses and liquidation of companies without affecting your day-to-day business. With our standardised quarterly reporting we offer a continuous update of our activities and the progress of the liquidation.

Divestment of business units or business areas results in complex operational challenges for the management. On the buyer’s side these transactions are usually actively managed. On the seller’s side however there is a latent risk that these processes are not in the focus of the operational units being affected.

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The experienced consultants of perpuls support in managing the divestment process and offer comprehensive advice on all operational challenges. We support the restructuring of internal processes and procedures following the sale of assets as well as the strategic restructuring of customer and supplier relationships. perpuls will assist you in managing internal committees and decision processes. If needed, we step-in as interim manager to foster the transition process.

The increasing complexity of change and transition processes requires a combination of expertise in leadership controlling and structuring activities. Our interim managers offer outstanding experience in the restructuring and reorganisation of enterprises and have successfully implemented transition projects under challenging circumstances.

Today, management of human resources is a key leadership task. A company’s success depends heavily on the quality of its employees and its management. Especially in the increasingly global labour markets and a rapidly changing business environment, the successful implementation of integrated systems for talent management is becoming more and more important. The skills and competences of employees are of great importance to the future development and growth of a company or corporate group.

Personnel development is a core leadership task. Today, the quality of leadership and employees is key to a company’s success. In changing environments and an increasing global labour market a focussed management of human resources is of utmost importance. Skill sets, competencies and efficiency of the staff are vital for a company’s existence and its development into the future.

perpuls has a long standing experience in HR Management. We put special focus on the analysis, identification and qualification of managers and leaders on all levels and all areas. Our approach is direct and proven in practice. Experienced based learning and a structured and balanced feedback on shown behaviour enables participants to reflect and improve.

The development of a leadership team and the so-called “high-potentials” in a company requires individual career promotion and development plans. Generally senior management should make it a top priority on their agenda. However, such development can only be effective when carried out systematically. It must provide tools and structured approaches for an individual and application-oriented skill development.

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In actual market environments one needs to pay special attention to skills and competencies of the individual leadership team. In particular Change and Restructuring processes imply extra demands on leadership and guidance of staff gaining overview on the competencies already existing. Profit of this knowledge as a strategic advantage.

perpuls has developed a system that enables you to systematically identify strengths, competencies and development areas of your staff. This will allow you to identify those members of your staff who will drive change processes and manage them successfully.

Furthermore, the perpuls approach will open the door to individual reflection and broaden the perspective on individual leadership behaviour and lead thus to a continuous improvement.

Career development needs a structured and systematic approach to individual skill sets and characteristics. Especially in high-performance teams achievements must be clearly identified and evaluated. perpuls offers well established approaches and systems that will support your company’s management in evaluating achievement, identifying and encouraging talent, closing skill gaps and developing potential future potential leaders.

Competition is getting fiercer. This not only applies to regular market environments but also the employment market. In particular when recruiting your young management staff. Targeted career development plans are a decisive decision making criterion when selecting your future employer. Increasing challenges ask for proactive performance drivers.

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Career development must not be coincidence but has to follow a transparent performance and potential driven evaluation system. perpuls provides structures and systems to enable and empower your key management staff to performance, identify high potentials and fill the gap of competencies up to developing successors. Thus a successful HR development can be established balancing personnel and company’s interests.

Is your organisation in line with the requirements of your operational business? How do you increase efficiency in order to handle increasing business volume with your current personnel structure? The introduction of new organisational structures requires a specific skill-set in the leadership team. perpuls analyses the organisational structure of your company and recommends new structures allowing a higher degree of efficiency. Moreover, we support the identification of the right leadership team for the realisation and implementation of these processes.

Does your company fit to the demands of your operations? How do you achieve / increase efficiency to manage increasing business volumes with your existing team? Introducing new structures requires specific competencies within your management team. perpuls applies a detailed and refined organisation audit and provides insight how to come to a new structure. In addition, we help you to identify the best members of your staff to manage and steer the transformation process.

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Whether you want to grow your company or you have to adopt it to a changing market environment simple linear changes are rarely the best solution. Years of experience in advising companies in finding the best organisation for their demands enable us to identify the best organisation to grant utmost performance.

Key factor is management.

We offer individual specifically tailored programs to analyse your senior management with the specific requirements in change and transformation processes. Structured SWOT analyses indicate development areas thus enabling a targeted adjustment of the organisation and HR development process.